Who We Are

A Message From Pastor Steve

Welcome To Spout Springs Church!
Welcome To Spout Springs Church!

We are a church in process. Always. The statements we use to describe ourselves are just as much about what we aspire to be as who we are. These statements don’t imply that we do these perfectly or that no other churches do them as well as we do. They are simply a way of pointing to who we want to be when we grow up.

Our Vision & Direction

So, why is Spout Springs Church here? Well, we believe there are four main reasons God has placed us here.

Welcome Home

When we ask people what they like best about SSC, the answers usually circle a single idea: Spout Springs Church is a safe place. We don’t pretend to be anything we’re not. We’re just a bunch of screwed up people trying to figure out life together. That’s both who we are and an intentional part of our strategy. We work hard to create an environment where people can come with their quirks, hang-ups, and problems, and feel accepted from the first moment they drive on campus.

Becoming The Person God Created You To Be

Max Lucado says that God loves everyone just the way they are, but he loves them too much to let them stay that way. We are the same way. In everything we do, we strive to help people advance on their spiritual journey, whether it’s accepting Christ by opening a Blue Bag (our version of explaining salvation), developing the personal habits that lead toward maturity, or joining a group for accountability and encouragement on the journey.

We Do Things That Matter

We don’t lead our people to be comfortable; we push them to accomplish things that have an authentic impact. We work to help the least and reach the lost, both locally and around the world. We look for ways to help people with real needs in ways that will make a difference.

We Are A Multi Denominational Church

While we hold strongly to our beliefs, we allow great freedom within those beliefs. We try to learn from Christians who are different and fully accept people into our fellowship from all authentic Christian traditions.

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